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About Me

I'm a C++/C# .NET Software Engineer and Architect, with over 12 years experience (the last 5 of which have been almost solely focused on .NET). I'm interested in all aspects of Software Engineering and Architecture, and am a member of the IEEE Computer Society. I have recently been dividing my attention between a wide range of topics, ranging from Enterprise Application Development, Requirements Engineering and estimation through to multi-threaded programming, ASP.NET best practices and interprocess communications.

I'm still a hands on developer, and regularly get stuck into low-level issues, but I also meet customers to gather requirements, design customer-oriented solutions including UI and workflow, and also produce the technical architecture of the systems I'm involved in.

Having obtained my Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) accreditation, I aim to progress onto the latest wave of Microsoft certifications.

About the site

This site is intented to share articles, code and tips which I've written during my career in .NET and general software development. My CV is also available here, as will be several working applications and utilities which may prove useful.

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