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BaseTaskWaiter Members

BaseTaskWaiter overview

Protected Static Fields

DEFAULT_WAIT_PAGE_MESSAGE Wait Page message used by default, if one is not explicitly supplied in the constructor.

Public Instance Constructors

BaseTaskWaiter Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the BaseTaskWaiter class.

Public Instance Properties

ProgressMessage If the _bShowProgess flag has been set, the value stored here is used as part of the specific Wait Page message returned by the GetWaitPageMessage function.

Public Instance Methods

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GetResults Needs to be implemented to return the results as an object.
GetResultsPageURL Needs to be overridden to return the Results Page URL.
GetType (inherited from Object) Gets the Type of the current instance.
GetWaitPageMessage GetWaitPageMessage returns a specific static message for display in the wait page. This implementation returns the default wait page message (which can be set in the constructor), optionally combined with the current ProgressMessage, if the _progressMessage flag has been set to true in the constructor.
GetWaitPageURL This function returns the specific waitPage for this ITaskWaiter, and is used in case a different WaitPage is required for a particular task waiter, instead of the default one that the wait page mechanism is initially set up with. This implementation returns null, which indicates that the default wait page should be used. Override this function to provide a specific WaitPage for the task.
IsTaskFinished Needs to be implemented to return true if the task has finished, false otherwise
NotifyResultsReadyForPage This is called by the framework to indicate that the results are ready and can be picked up. This implementation fires the NotifyResultsStatus event.
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Public Instance Events

NotifyResultsStatus An event which is used to notify results status. It is fired either
  • when the task has finished, and the results are ready. In this case, ResultsStatusNotificationArgs.ResultsReady is true
  • when the task has been cancelled. In this case, ResultsStatusNotificationArgs.ResultsReady is false.

Protected Instance Methods

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