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WaitPageHelper.RegisterDefaultWaitPageURL Method 

This function sets a default Wait Page URL which overrides the hardcoded one and the one specified in web.config. The wait page for a particular ITaskWaiter is determined in the following order: 1) The URL returned by ITaskWaiter.GetWaitPageURL 2) If this is null, then the WaitPage URL registered with the WaitPageHelper (using the RegisterDefaultWaitPageURL function) 3) If no URL has been registered with the above function, it comes from the AppSetting “DefaultWaitPageURL” in the web.config file. 4) If this AppSetting is not set, a hardcoded WaitPage URL of "~/WaitPage.aspx" is used.

public static void RegisterDefaultWaitPageURL(
   string waitPageURL


URL pointing to the WaitPage to be used as default

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